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Wash & Fold

Experience The Difference

$1.34 lb. *

Senior plan $1.17

  • Priced per pound

  • Standard Delivery

  • Schedule a pickup any day

  • Same Day Services Available

  • Minimum Order 20 lbs.

  *Except some household items

$1.49 lbs.

Same day  services



           Laundromat Valet 
               Be Safe  
  Stay Clear of The Laundromats

           Let Us Do Your Laundry
        Wash & Dry Only / Non Folding                      $.59 lb.


  Laundry Services

Bring your laundry to life with our eco-friendly laundry system. No harmful detergents or chemical dryer sheets.

We use approved Eco- friendly water dissolving laundry sheets and soft dryer laundry balls.

Bring your own laundry bag or purchase one from us

$2.25 lb.

20 pounds Minimum

General Laundry 
Wash & Fold 

Coming Fall 2021

                     - Notice -

Delivery scheduling based on volume 

Up to 50 lbs. 1 day turn around

50 + lbs. allow 2 day turn around

Excludes Comforters, blankets, and pillows only normal laundry wear.

Hours- Monday- Saturday
12pm-7pm  Sunday Closed

Family Laundry Plan

Enjoy your free time by allowing do your laundry.
introducing  The Family Laundry Plan.
50 Lbs. Laundry 
$59.99 plus tax.
50 lbs. minimum

College Student Laundry

The weekend is near and you have better things to do than laundry, let us do it for you.

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Specialty Items

Comforters       Blankets        Throw Rugs   Sleeping Bags


Business Owners Check Us Out
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