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Laundered and Press Services

Hate ironing every week? Too tired to press or iron your clothes? Not Enough Time? 


We are proud to introduce a conveniently-priced solution for all of your ironing and pressing needs: 


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Laundered Shirts/Pressing

Dress shirts are essential to a polished outfit. Having a clean and well-pressed shirt sets a tone of care and professionalism. When you bring your shirts to Professional Laundry Services you can count on our experienced staff to determine the best cleaning method for your dress shirt. Depending on the fabric and care label of your shirt, we will either press or launder your shirt.

Laundered shirts are treated for stains and put into our washers. The shirts are removed wet from the washers and put onto our state-of-the-art pressing equipment, which also dries the shirts. After the shirts cleaned and pressed, they go through a detailed quality inspection,

You can count on Professional Laundry Services for a dress shirt that you can wear with pride!

We also offer, upon request, shirt folding, and bagging. This service is no additional cost and is convenient when you need to pack shirts for a business trip or have limited hanging space in your closet.


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